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Kat Yue Construction Engineering Limited ("Kat Yue") an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of our company, Kat Yue is a Hong Kong-based marine construction works subcontractor specialising in reclamation works and supplemented by our vessel chartering services and other civil engineering works. We acted as a subcontractor in marine construction projects and other civil engineering projects. The marine construction works carried out by us included, among others (i) reclamation works; (ii) regulation and deposition of sand blanket works; (iii) submarine pipeline works; and (iv) sediment treatment works. With a view to supplementing our marine construction works, we also provided vessel chartering services to our customers where we chartered vessels for a specific period and provided vessel crew for operation and management of the vessels if required by our customers. In addition, we were also engaged in other civil engineering works including foundation works, site formation works and roads and drainage works.